Overhead garage door in Oklahoma City, Yukon, Edmond, OK

5 most popular overhead garage door styles you will find with Garage Door Systems Inc

Are you looking forward to purchasing an overhead door in OKC but confused which one to purchase? Confused because of the size, durability of the material, safety, budget and maintenance? While purchasing an overhead door, all the above features will determine your purchase. However, material is one of the most vital features to consider while selecting overhead garage doors. Our garage doors at Garage Door Systems Inc, a top notch provider of overhead garage doors in Oklahoma City, Piedmont and Yukon come in the following 5 stuffs as given below:

  1. Traditional timber- Opting for a traditional timber overhead door involves eye appeal and there is no other better substitute for the distinctive look of wood. However, wood is not as durable as steel and aluminum and thus, it is usually not used for the overhead variety.
  2. Insulated steel- The most common and least expensive of all the materials available in the market, insulated steel doors being very sturdy and durable not only provides an increased level of security to your vehicle against burglars but also to your entire house as the garage is also a point of main entrance to your house. They also offer a wide range of colors as well as price options. The only disadvantage is that they are too heavy to install.
  3. Aluminum – Among all the materials available in the market, aluminum is the most preferred material for its durability and robustness even though it is the most expensive one. Its durability adds to its strength as well as minimal upkeep. So, corrosion-resistant aluminum is best for humid weather conditions, i.e., will work well in regions where moisture is a matter of concern.
  4. Vinyl- Vinyl is a brand new durable overhead garage door material which is quite affordable than aluminum. Compared to steel and aluminum overhead garage doors, vinyl overhead garage doors are much lighter and easier to install.
  5. Fiberglass- Fiber glass garage doors are gaining immense popularity due to their attractive price against performance ratio as compared to metal and timber doors. Even though fiberglass is very durable yet it forms cracks when exposed to extremely cold conditions.

If you are a car owner, then overhead garage door is a vital thing to purchase for your property and also proper care should be taken to have the correct material type that best suits your requirements.