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Top 7 reasons for an overhead garage door malfunction


Today, most property owners owning a vehicle have a garage and thus a garage door. Garage doors are the largest working part of a property and are very heavy. As garage door professionals at Garage door Systems in Edmond, El Reno, mustang, Oklahoma City, Piedmont and Yukon, we have almost dealt with each and every issue for the past 5 years when it comes to repairing residential and commercial overhead garage doors, the most common type of garage door model used in the market that work on a track that lifts the door over the opening.  Yes, there have been many times when we have received calls from customers for assistance but some of those problems simply require just knowing what is wrong to fix the problem yourself. To help you trace and correct faults of your overhead door issues, there are the top 7 reasons your garage door will malfunction as given below:

  1. The garage door track is out of alignment and this makes the door unable to move either forwards or backwards. This happens only when there are huge gaps between the rollers and rail on which the door runs.
  2. The garage door slams very quickly, often with a bang when someone leaves which may be due to broken tension spring.
  3. Your photo eye is out of alignment. It works by sending an invisible beam of light across the opening of your garage door. If your door doesn’t close, it means that this photo eye is either broken or dirty.
  4. The garage door closes part of the way at first and then opens again if there are any objects on the ground blocking their path, like – toys, cans, mud or any buildup of debris that prevents the rollers from moving forward.
  5. The hinges of the garage door can rust or break if it is made up of iron.
  6. No power in the transmit batteries, which is the sole reason for its movement.
  7. The garage door goes down all the way and then opens again. If such a thing happens close the limit settings of your garage door opener.

If you need to repair or replace an existing garage door or garage door opener, you’ve come to the right place. We can also provide you tips for extending the life of your garage door. For further information, explore our website by visiting www.okcgaragedoors.com.