Installing Garage Doors in OKC, Edmond, El Reno and Mustang

Do you think you can install a garage door on your own?



Do you want to renovate your garage, but you do not have the money necessary for changing the garage door? If you find yourself in this situation there is no need to worry, since you can save an important sum of money from installing the garage door on your own.

In order to find out tips and tricks on how to do that fast and easy, you should read this article.

1.       The first step: shopping for items

The first step of installing a garage door is to make sure that you have everything that this job requires. In this category, we can include a hammer, screwdriver, nails, power drill, and brackets.

2.       Here’s how to install a garage door properly

  • Once you have prepared all the tools, you can start by attaching the weather stripping that your manufacturer sent to the first panel`s bottom edge, and place it in the doorway.
  • Next, assemble all the tracks using the instructions that came with the door. Also by following those instructions you should install the rollers and brackets on the door panel and on the wall.
  • Then install the vertical tracks along with the first panel of the door so they will be perfectly aligned when you are done.
  • Mount all the door panels, except the last one, by using the screwdriver, or the power drill with a screwdriver tip.
  • After completing this step, following the manufacturer`s instructions you should now mount the horizontal tracks along with the curved ones. Now you can also install the last door panel.

3.       Final step: the torque tube

Finally, do not forget to install the torque tube which helps you lift and close the door manually. If you want to install an automatic garage door opener, you should not install the torque tube since it may not be needed in this case.