Garage Door Repair in Edmond, Oklahoma City OKC

Like everything else that’s installed in your house, garage doors may need to be repaired from time to time. While some problems can be solved without professional assistance, in many other cases you might need to call the experts. There are at least 5 types of problems you might face with your garage door and which you can solve yourself.

  1. Metal Tracks Damaged – This is one of the primary reasons why you will need to think of garage door repair. Common problems with the metal track include dents and bumps. You can easily correct the problem by striking the damaged part off the track with a wood block and straighten the track with a hammer.
  2. Alignment of The Tracks – When the tracks are not properly aligned, the doors may not work properly. Sometimes all you may need to do to correct the alignment of the tracks is to loosen the bolts or screws and get the tracks back to position.
  3. Dry and Clean Tracks – The tracks can become hard by continuous accumulation of dirt. The old lubricant might also cause the tracks to be jammed. You will find regular cleaners in the market, using which you can keep the tracks clean and dry.
  4. Lubrication – Lubricating the tracks and rollers can fix many problems of the garage door. For this purpose you may use lubricant sprays or silicon sprays. Lubricating the tracks after cleaning gives better results.
  5. Tightening Bolts and Screws – Over time bolts and screws that hold the garage door tracks in place tend to become lose. Sometimes all you need to do is tighten them and solve all problems.

Though these solutions seem very easy, it is best to not try them if you haven’t detected the problem. Calling for professional help is advisable. Garage Door Systems is one of the leading dealers and service providers of garage doors and we offer our assistance in and around Oklahoma City and OKC. Whether you live in Edmond, El Reno, Mustang, Piedmont or Yukon, you can call our experts and get your garage door repaired easily.