Garage Door Repair in Edmond, Mustang and OKC

Garage Door Repair: On Your Own

Your garage door doesn’t work anymore? Do you need garage door repair? Thinking about doing it yourself?

From time to time, things in start to break. Whether is the refrigerator, garage door, laptop, or coffee machine, they all have a problem some day. Sometimes the fix is a quite easy one, but other times the best thing that you can do is to call the experts.

If you are in Edmond, El Reno, Mustang, Okc, Oklahoma City, Piedmont, and Yukon contact a specialized door company to help you.

The remote doesn’t work but the wall switch does

In this situation the first thing you should do is to check the batteries. Consider replacing them and if even after replacement the remote doesn’t work, you should consider getting a new remote.

Remote are usually easy to find in almost every home center. But if you can’t find the one for your type, you can purchase a universal remote, or a new receiver.

The advantage of a new receiver is that it will replace the radio frequency with its own and it will immediately update the old openers with the new technology code. Plus, it is really easy to install it.

The wall switch doesn’t work while the remote does

When something doesn’t function anymore, the first thing you need to do is to test it. Just to make sure that there is a malfunction and not a wire that is not plugged in as it should be.

To check the wall switch you should unscrew one and put the other terminal on it. Consider replacing the switch if the opener runs.

If when you touch the wires the openers doesn’t work, try using a small wire to hit those same two wires where the opener terminal is. In this situation if the opener works, the wire that connects the switch to the opener is malfunctioning.

Sometimes a garage door repair is rather a garage door parts replacement.

Do you need garage door repair or you need more information of what you should do when your garage door doesn’t work? Get in touch with Garage door Systems. Their experienced team have the necessary equipment and knowledge to help you with your garage door repair.