Garage Door Repair & Garage Door Installation in Edmond, El Reno, Mustang, OKC and Oklahoma City

Garage doors tips and tricks


Are you experiencing trouble with your garage door? If your answer is yes, then you should further read this article to find out how can you fix it in just a couple of minutes, and also what maintenance jobs should you do in order to prevent it from breaking down and having additional garage door repair costs.

First of all, because a garage door has all sorts of nuts, bolts, rollers, and chains, you should grease the areas where friction is created every once in a while. This easy job is very important since, if not greased, the opening mechanism of the door can stall, and you might have o replace it. Even though there are companies that will replace the door for you even in areas such as Edmond, El Reno, Mustang, OKC, Oklahoma City, Piedmont, and Yukon, the price of such a job can be really expensive.

Another problem that is frequently encountered by people all over the world who have an overhead garage door installed is that it can freeze to the floor during the cold winter days. This is caused mainly by the moisture caused when the warm air inside the garage meets the cold air outside. If you encounter such a problem you do not have to worry since fixing it is really easy.

You only have to take a shovel and carefully break all the ice that connects the door with the floor. If you cannot do this without damaging the rubber seal, or the actual floor, you can use a hair dryer to melt down the ice, or standard de-icing products.

If you encounter problems such as a burned out motor, stripped gears, or broken coils, it is best for you to contact a professional, since these jobs can be very tricky, and he will know exactly what to do.