Garage door opener in Edmond, Oklahoma City, Yukon, OK

Chain, belt or screw garage door opener

Your garage door opener is important for easy and convenient opening and closing of your garage. That is why you want a reliable and durable opener such as those manufactured by Liftmaster. Garage Door Systems supplies and installs commercial and residential garage doors in Edmond, OKC, Oklahoma City as Yukon as well as garage door openers.

You also want a garage door opener that will automatically switch to battery backup should the main power be out. Apart from the being able to open your door with the push of a button, smart apps also enable you to operate your opener remotely, even if you are far away. So if you at the office or out shopping and suddenly realize you forgot to close your garage door, you can do it using the smart app of your phone or tablet.

Garage door openers fall into three main categories namely belt drive, chain drive and screw. Chain drive openers are durable and tough. Belt drive systems provide the power you need without the noise. Chain drive openers have been around for a while and offer goof value for money. They can be a bit noisy and probably not a good choice if your garage is next to your bedroom or study. On the other hand, you might prefer to hear your garage door opening.

A belt drive garage door opener is identical in operation to chain drive system. However instead of a chain they use a rubber belt. A belt driven garage opener operates quietly. If you don’t appreciate the noise of a chain drive system, then you should consider a belt drive system.

A midway option between noise and cost is the screw-drive opener.